Designed for post-operative rehabilitation, the Kinetec Maestra™ CPM offers a rehabilitation solution for each hand and wrist pathology. This device is an excellent addition to physiotherapy protocols. It can be bought or rented. It has the following features:


  • 9 anatomical movements that activate 14 joints.
  • A great supplement for wrist, finger and thumb rehabilitation.
  • Intuitive remote control with individual keys for each movement.
  • Has an instructional DVD that guides the user through patient setup and treatment.
  • Anatomical and precise movement
  • The most comprehensive CPM device on the market, meeting most requirements in passive hand and wrist therapy.


Digital remote control

Kinetec®’s digital remote control technology is embedded in the device to provide visual feedback and accuracy of movement to the patient during therapy.

Interactive guide: The device is also delivered with an instructional DVD that guides the user through patient setup and treatment. This handy tool also provides tips and advice from healthcare professionals about pathologies and protocols to be covered by the device.

  • Possibility to prevent parameters from being set.
  • Start/Stop and reverse are always available for the patient.
  • Fine tuning of motion parameters: ROM, speed, pauses at the limit of elongation or bending for better results.
  • Built-in medical grade transformer eliminates the use of extra components.
  • Supplied with a full 2-year warranty.- Type BF class II electrical device.- Speed: 150° to 440° per minute.
  • Weight: 8 kg without case.
  • Size of the device: Length 35cm, width 41cm, height 30cm.
  • Patient size: All hand sizes from 7 years old.