Mission & Vision

As FİZYOMED TIBBİ CİHAZLAR ,  it is our primary goal to catch the fast and easy shopping trend, which is a necessity of today, to determine the needs and to establish closer relations with our valuable customers.

We are keeping going to provide the best service for our customer portfolio, which keeps getting more crowded each day.

FİZYOMED TIBBİ CİHAZLAR  has a firm structure that continuously improves itself by following the actual developments, that is INNOVATIVE; that immediately implements the decisions taken, that is FAST; that is capable of implementing the reached innovations quickly within a certain process, that is SYSTEMATIC; that is capable of explaining all those to its suppliers and customers and that does not cause frustration during both purchase and sales, that is UNDERSTANDABLE and UNDERSTANDING, and has the following goals;

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at top level by meeting the needs of our customers using the quickest service and qualified products,
  • Providing superior quality and service reliability in line with the current and future expectations of our customers by continuously following the developing technology and product standards,
  • Refreshing the knowledge of the employees through continuous trainings,
  • Keeping the team sprit continuously live empowered with information and responsibility sharing in line with the transparent management principle.