Ankle Joint Rehabilitation Robotics

AnkleMotus is aimed at rehabilitation of the ankle joint. It is designed according to the movement pattern of the ankle. It focuses on strengthening the muscles of the lower limbs to trigger neuroplasticity in muscle groups involved in walking and thus regain ability.

Fourier Intelligence’s robotics technology is integrated with high-precision force and position sensors to measure every movement. The device can measure a user’s performance from multiple leads, including range of motion, strength, cognition, reaction time, etc. These analyses and training reports should be taken into account to achieve better training results. Automatically generated training reports provide measurable results for the user’s and therapist’s reference.

State-of-the-Art Force Feedback Technology

Thanks to its world-leading force feedback algorithm and high-performance motor, AnkleMotus can simulate the therapist’s hand, helping the therapist save 1 million repetitive movements per year.


AnkleMotus is integrated with a variety of functional training suitable for users with muscle strength from 0 to 5. It applies the revolutionary treatment of combining movement control training with cognitive training and muscle strength training with ADL training.

  • Passive Training
  • Active Education
  • Rum Education
  • Isometric Training
  • Strength Training