Selection of exercise modes

You can choose from a variety of exercise modes, including:

Passive: gentle and motorized activation of muscles and joints. Ideal during the warm-up phase, it also reduces spasms and tension.

Supported: the device will support exercise training to mobilize even the weakest remaining muscle strength. This mod will provide a continuous movement whether passive or active.

Active: 20 resistance levels will provide the patient with progressive strength and muscle training.

Innovative and intuitive

This unique system comes with a host of innovative features, including:

Tool-free adjustment including quick adjustment of pedals and safety height adjustment feature.

High-quality transport wheels, fixed wheels with ball bearings, allow Kinevia to be easily transported even on asphalt.



Smart technology

Maintaining patient engagement and motivation is key to success. The Kinevia entertainment system has been specifically designed for this purpose and offers interactive games and videos in real locations via an additional 10” tablet. For longer and more intense therapy sessions, patients’ attention is increased and their motivation increases significantly. Smart technology also provides individual patient progress report.

Benefits of movement therapy

Physical exercise is an expression of personal freedom. Whether performed directly by the patient or through a device, repeated, frequent and consistent movements have been proven to help individuals regain functional abilities and capacities that lead to better well-being and independence. This includes:


  • Maintain and develop muscle strength
  • Regulating muscle tone and reducing spam
  • Preventing joint stiffness and adhesion
  • Stimulation of metabolism and blood circulation
  • FEATURES Easy to use Kinevia is designed to minimize installation effort and avoid the use of tools. Special pedal width and radius adjustment will accommodate all types of patients and maximize their comfort when using the equipment.As patient safety is key, Kinevia offers a unique and adjustable spasm control feature along with a user-friendly interface with different activity levels according to the patient’s condition.