CIRCLE 4000/4100


CIRCLE 4000/4100

The CIRCLE 4000/4100 allows the endurance and upper body muscles to be trained in different positions – both in the classic sitting and standing or in a wheelchair.

For the development of CIRCLE, we cooperated with Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung, which supports people with disabilities. Based on this cooperation, many practical solutions were brought to the product such as comfortable ball arms.

Quick conversion for maximum flexibility: Uncomplicated change of sitting position thanks to the simple folding mechanism.

Screen Parameters Add WATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1 / MIN, KCAL,POINTS (at 4000/4100 S, 4000/4100 S MED)
Test programs
Training programs MANUAL, Manual Countdown, CARDIO, PROFILES
Control independent speed
Standards and directives All standards and directives applied will be given upon request
Device dimensions  (L / B / H) 165.5 / 63.5 / 152 cm
Product weight Approximately 115 kg
Speed range 20-120 dev / dak
Power range 15-400 W
Rating / steps 5 W
Accuracy 10% (at 4000/4100, 4000/4100 S), 5% to 200 W, 200 W from 10% (at 4000/4100 MED, 4000/4100 S MED)
Maximum user weight 200 kg
Power supply 230 V
Features forward and backward movements training, sitting or standing, length variable, grip position diagonally / parallel adjustable innovative ball arm, wheelchair retractable seat handles crank