TRAC 4000/4100


TRAC 4000/4100

The TRAC 4000/4100 is a flexible, versatile tool for you to work in therapy and meet your demanding runners without compromise. The tried and tested tread and treadmill combination typically reduces the high impact forces of running and thus relaxes joints.

Optimal for therapy: very low intake of only 19 cm, low starting R03 at 0.2 km / h; R03; speed and permanent safety guardrail.

Ideal for demanding training: variable slope angles from -5% to 20% and a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

Screen parameters Add WATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1 / MIN, KCAL. POINTS (in 4000/4100 S, 4000/4100 S MED)
Test programs Level test and Conconi ( only for the devices with suffix S)
Training programs MANUAL, Manual Countdown, CARDIO, PROFILES
Device dimensions (L / B / H) 210 / 82.5 / 140 cm
Product weight Approximately 220  kg
Speed range
Power range 0,2-25 km / s
Rating / steps 0,1 km / s
Maximum user weight 200 kg
Power supply 230 V
Features Inclination angle 0% – 20% (for ALPIN), -5% – 15% (for TOUR), permanent safety guardrail, safety line, emergency stop function