RECUMBENT 4000/4100


RECUMBENT 4000/4100

The RECUMBENT 4000/4100 built-in bike is a convenient alternative to the bicycle ergometer that many exercisers appreciate. Outstanding features: deep reach, low input load of only 15 watts and 200 kilograms load capacity.

Target audience: seriously ill

Spine relief: thanks to the ergonomically shaped backrest and variable seat adjustment.

Screen parameters Add WATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1 / MIN, KCAL. POINTS (in 4000/4100 S, 4000/4100 S MED)
Test programs
Training programs MANUAL, Manual Countdown, Gear selection, CARDBOARD, PROFILES
Control speed independent + speed dependent
Device dimensions (L / B / H) 160/54/125 cm
Product weight Approximately 75 kg
Speed range 20-120 dev / dak
Power range 15-600 W, 40-400 W (at SP)
Rating / steps 5 W
Accuracy 10% (at 4000/4100, 4000/4100 S), 5% to 200 W, 200 W from 10% (at 4000/4100 MED, 4000/4100 S MED)
Maximum user weight 200 kg
Power supply 230 V (excluding devices with additional SP)
Features deep reach, gear shifting