MIX 4000/4100


MIX 4000/4100

This innovative elliptical trainer allows to exercise cardiovascularly in a gentle half-lying position, especially on the joints and spine. This relaxes the intervertebral discs in the spinal column up to 61%. In addition, exercise success can be achieved even with a relatively low exercise intensity and heart rate.

Your target groups: obese people and exercisers with knee and hip problems.

Screen parameters Add WATT, PULSE, TIME, DIST., 1 / MIN, KCAL. POINTS (in 4000/4100 S, 4000/4100 S MED)
Test programs
Training programs MANUAL, Manual Countdown, CARDIO, PROFILES
Control speed dependent + speed independent
Standards and directives All standards and directives applied will be given upon request
Device dimensions

(L / B / H)

200 / 100.5 / 166 cm (including cockpit swivel arm)
Product weight Approximately 160 kg
Speed range 20-120 d / d
Power range 25-400 W (FOR CARDBOARD / SYSTEM), 1-29 load levels (for MANUAL)
Ratings / steps
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Power supply 230 V (excluding devices with additional SP)
Features Forward and backward movement training